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GEN8® gets Businesses and Marketers Generative AI-ready; providing strategy, upskilling and governance to complex teams worldwide.

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strategy sprints

Rethink a faster, more effective business with the help of Generative AI. GEN8® Sprints are a four week strategy injection; tailored to Businesses, Marketers & Agencies.


Upskill a business in
Generative AI

Generative AI is here, generating enormous impact. GEN8® upskilling programs get you and your teams up to speed. Join a course or train a business.


is everything

Generative AI is an emerging technology. Understand, anticipate and plan using RISQ: the GEN8® approach to Strategy and Governance.

why generative ai? why now?
Generative AI is here, generating enormous impact. Teams using ChatGPT alone already work faster, better.


Faster task completion

1. HBS, 2023


More effective work

2. HBS, 2023


Added to global GDP

3.MCKINSEY, 2024
We design next-generation strategy and world-class training. For household names, and those who want to get there.

Comprehensive, custom upskilling for Grab - Southeast Asia's largest super-app

Strategy, upskilling and governance for SEEK - Asia's leading online employment marketplace

Developing a world-class AI-for-Business curriculum with Section, alongside leaders from Apple, Google and OpenAI

“Masterfully designed, emphasising responsible use of these emerging technologies.”

General Manager
Digital Agency

“Tim worked beautifully with the team to make even intense learning light, seamless and fun.”

Regional Head of Marketing
Deliveries, Mobility, Fintech

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